Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sketches Ahoy.

Well, it's that oh-so-magical time of the year... that's right... school starts Monday. It's already started for Dusty. We'll both be teaching high school art now, which is quite cool. I'm at the high school full-time, instead of half-middle school/half-high school. And I'm going to be tackling some new classes I haven't had before, so I will be pretty busy the next couple of months. But I'll still be throwing some new stuff up here, don't worry.

This crazy creature came out of a sketch night with Dusty earlier this summer. Just havin' fun with a brush pen. Don't even try to make sense out of the words... inside joke.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

No more WOWIO.

Just so you all know... we will not be using WOWIO, at least for now. They are under new ownership and have restructured how the downloading of comics works. It is no longer as simple as it used to be... find a book, download it for free. Not everything is free now.

Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, but we will not be using them for the immediate future. We may eventually, as things stabilize over there.

Thank you to the many of you that downloaded a copy under the old WOWIO! Your support is very appreciated! We are looking into new ways for you all to read these books online... stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monster Jam!

Good things come from sketch nights. Dusty came over last week for one, and we came up with a really groovy new drawing challenge. Basically, one guy draws the basic form and layout of a creature, and then we pass it back and forth, taking turns drawing limbs, heads, and details. Then one guy inks it to sort of tie it all together. We call it a Monster Jam (or Monster Jelly, as Dusty prefers). It's amazingly fun, and the creatures look a lot more cohesive than I thought they would.

The dragon above was initially roughed-out by Dusty. I drew the head, an arm, and the tail; Dusty drew an arm, leg, and lots of body details. I had a blast inking it... I'm a big fan of drawing wrinkles and cracks, so I really savored this one. We both agree it's the best dragon either one of us have ever made.

The other creature we made is a little more original... the Aqua Yeti. I did the rough plan, the claw, and legs, while Dusty did the head, tentacle arm, and body. He inked it and really went nuts on the details, as usual.

We both agree it's the best aqua yeti either one of us have ever made.

We got together again last night and both did a Hellboy drawing. Here's mine...

If you've seen Hellboy II (terrific movie!), then you'll really understand this one!