Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Return of the Last Martian

Thursday marks my final strip in the KC Star for this run. It features the Last Martian and it will be posted online next week. In the meantime, you can check out the first Last Martian story. Let us know what you think!

Side note: I guess we won't be participating in the previous mentioned Comics Jam War this Saturday. Our local store had some trouble getting it all arranged. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Remember, a new Rook City story starts on Tuesday!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Webcomics and such

Well, the last page of the "Sleuth" story is up at the Rook City page. We'd love to hear any comments you have about the story now that it's wrapped up. Remember, though... Rook City will continue as a weekly webcomic (updates on Tuesdays).

Here are some other excellent webcomics that I have been checking out recently. Some of these update regularly and some don't. But they're all worth a look!

Copper- An excellent monthly comic by Kazu Kibuishi, starring a boy and his dog.
Count Your Sheep- Cool daily strip that is better than so much you'll see in the paper these days.
Cow and Buffalo- Dairy humor. Gotta love it.
Set To Sea- Drew Weing's current comic about a man forced onto a pirate ship. Great, great stuff.
Pup- This older strip by Drew will expand your concept of what webcomics can be.
Evil, Inc.- Where do supervillains go for customer service? Here.
FrankandFrank- So simple. Sooo funny. You can't look at these without smiling.
Holy Cow! Christian Comics- Dean Rankine's quirky adaptations of Bible tales. Truly unique and well done!
Panda Express- A beautifully rendered story of a girl and a panda.
Welton Colbert- Ryan Estrada (who's productivity puts all of us to shame) made up this cantankerous character you can't help but love.
The Tenth Life of Pischio the Cat- An epic tale starring a cat. Great drawing.
Spacegirl- Travis Charest is one of my favorite artists and this is a really fun comic he does semi-regularly.
Guffman and Godot- I always knew cats were evil. This strip proves it.

Check 'em out! They'll make ya feel good.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Page 3 of the current Rook City story is now in print in the Star, and page 2 is online at the webcomics site. I was up (too) late last night finishing page 4 for next week. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. I think it has the feel that I was going for. And hopefully it sets up some things about Toby's character for future tales.

It's spring break! Now is when it's great to be a teacher... I'm hoping to get a lot done in this next week. Still trying to get Random Ink #1 ready for reprinting. Dusty has been working on a new pin-up for that book... sort of a preview for his upcoming Pixie Pirate story. It's some pretty dang fun stuff. You guys are going to love it!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Rook City

Well, Rook City has been in print for a week now. In fact, the second installment was in today's Previews section of the KC Star. It's cool to think that a lot more people are getting to read our stuff now.

The first page of the new story is already on the Rook City webcomic page, along with past stories. Keep telling us what you think, either by comment here or email to us. We're addicted to feedback. Seriously.

I want to thank my wife, Laura, for all her help in writing the current story. A lot of the main plot twists were her idea. She has always served as my "creative consultant" (basically telling me if an idea is dumb or not), but it's been great to actually write something together. Dusty and I are both very lucky to have wives that not only tolerate our obsessions (comics, football, etc) but have become big fans themselves. Laura even won our fantasy football league this year. Oh yeah... I know how to choose 'em!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rook City Goes Big-Time

The weekly Previews section of the Kansas City Star this week features a full-page Rook City story. That may be how some of you found this site! We will have a story in Previews throughout the month of March... that's five weeks. The first four pages will be one continuing Rook City tale, and the last installment will feature a Last Martian story (he's the guy in the top right corner of this page). We will post the first page of these stories on Tuesday.

But the really big news is... this is only the beginning! We are turning Rook City into a weekly webcomic. Every Tuesday a new page will be put up on the site. For free. That's right. So you might want to bookmark and check it every week for a fresh page! You can already read 10 pages of story on there right now. We will still be collecting these stories in print, as well.

Meanwhile, if you found this website after reading the first strip in Previews... we would love to hear your feedback on it! You can leave a comment here or shoot us an email at

Thanks for looking!