Monday, January 30, 2006


Hey everyone. I haven't been putting up much but I wanted to put some notes up about what we are working on. Seth has recently finished his story for Moonfall and it's really cool. I believe that his next project is going to be a story which will be running in the Kansas city star. I'm also excited that Dusty has began to discuss doing some stories from us. Next time I see him i'll talk to him about putting up some sketches, and set him up so that he can do stuff on the site if he wants.

As for me, I am still writing every day and have more than enough character and story ideas to keep everyone busy for the next ten years.

There is a threat looming though. Within a few week Oblivion is scheduled to be released. Since the last morrowind story dropped my productivity for a month it could be dangerous.

Elton Gahr, January 30

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Blog is Born...

Well, here we go with our brand new news blog. We're moving the News page here just to make it quicker and easier for us to post stuff. This should increase our updates considerably. No... seriously. It will. For sure. Maybe.

Lots o' stuff is in the works here at Three Trees. I just recently finished that Moonfall anthology story I'm working on with some KC comics guys. I'll post some preview images here soon. Not sure when that is coming out exactly, but we'll let you know.

We are getting ready to reprint Random Ink #1 as a full-size comic with added pages and a full color cover! Pretty excited about this... it will be our first book that really looks professional. Random Ink #2 is well underway. We are trying to bring in a couple of new creators to help out... including our buddy, Dusty Roberts. You all will really dig his stuff when you see it.

Keep watching our website over the next few weeks, because we'll be adding lots of new content. We also have a big announcement coming up... all I can tell you now is that it involves webcomics.

Thanks for sticking with us!