Monday, January 30, 2006


Hey everyone. I haven't been putting up much but I wanted to put some notes up about what we are working on. Seth has recently finished his story for Moonfall and it's really cool. I believe that his next project is going to be a story which will be running in the Kansas city star. I'm also excited that Dusty has began to discuss doing some stories from us. Next time I see him i'll talk to him about putting up some sketches, and set him up so that he can do stuff on the site if he wants.

As for me, I am still writing every day and have more than enough character and story ideas to keep everyone busy for the next ten years.

There is a threat looming though. Within a few week Oblivion is scheduled to be released. Since the last morrowind story dropped my productivity for a month it could be dangerous.

Elton Gahr, January 30

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