Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Rook City

Well, Rook City has been in print for a week now. In fact, the second installment was in today's Previews section of the KC Star. It's cool to think that a lot more people are getting to read our stuff now.

The first page of the new story is already on the Rook City webcomic page, along with past stories. Keep telling us what you think, either by comment here or email to us. We're addicted to feedback. Seriously.

I want to thank my wife, Laura, for all her help in writing the current story. A lot of the main plot twists were her idea. She has always served as my "creative consultant" (basically telling me if an idea is dumb or not), but it's been great to actually write something together. Dusty and I are both very lucky to have wives that not only tolerate our obsessions (comics, football, etc) but have become big fans themselves. Laura even won our fantasy football league this year. Oh yeah... I know how to choose 'em!

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