Monday, April 10, 2006

Bullets and Bedpans

The new Rook City story has been running the last couple of weeks. "Bullets and Bedpans" is actually the first Rook City tale. But it's an important part of the overall story, so we're posting it. Once all ten pages have run, I'll put it at the beginning of the archive, so everything is in chronological order. Also, since this is an older story, we're putting up more than one page a week. Four pages are up already!

This is the story that introduced Toby Fox... and the Rebuker. You'll notice it's not quite as polished as the newer stories. I still did zip-a-tone by hand for the grays back then, instead of on Photoshop like now. I think I can draw Toby more consistently the same now, as well.

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