Thursday, May 04, 2006


FINALLY.... Random Ink #1 has been reprinted as a full-size comic with a new color cover! This is pretty dang exciting for us simple folk. We've been making mini-comics since junior high, but this is the first time one of our books has been professionally printed. Cool stuff.

Anyway, this issue contains all of these stories from the mini-comic version:

-"Bullets and Bedpans": The FIRST Rook City tale. What happens when anti-hero vigilantes get old? It ain't pretty...

-"Leaf": The brief adventures of a falling leaf.

-"Dark Was the Night": The sad but true tale of blues legend Blind Willie Johnson.

-"The Last Martian": Episode One. Not everyone is happy about the Mars Rover project...

-"Intervention": In this illustrated prose short story, a desperate man in a ruined future searches for a way to change the past. But will he find it before his own fate catches up to him?

PLUS... this new edition also includes the "Sleuth" Rook City story and new pinup by Dustin Roberts. If you want to order this issue, just click here to go to our online printer, Indy Planet. You can also see more preview pages there.

Well, we finished posting the "Bullets & Bedpans" story last week, and it has been restored to its rightful place in the Rook City archive: first. This week we begin an all-new storyline with "Showtime" starring the Captain and Dark Star. This is definitely our first real superhero tale in this webcomic, but like most things in Rook City, not everything is quite as it appears...

It's been a blast drawing this one so far. I've tried to just cut loose and have fun. It's a nice change of pace after the "Sleuth" story for the Kansas City Star. That story was fun, too, but the constraints of having some sort of ending on each page were challenging. Speaking of the KC Star, though, I have another project in the works with them. More on that later.

Remember, we're always desperate for feedback about our stuff! Please leave comments here, e-mail us, or whatever... Hearing what people think of our work is the best part of all this. Thanks!

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