Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The story continues. This page introduces Linus, a character you will see fairly regularly in this here Rook City thing. One of the main things I enjoy about this comic is the chance to make up characters that are contradictions to what you would typically assume. That's, uh, kind of a major theme in Rook City.

On a completely unrelated note, today was the first meeting of the new cartoonist club I'm running at the middle school where I teach. I've been doing afterschool art clubs there for years, typically doing murals and such. But it is hard to gather enough to energy at the end of the day for middle schoolers + paint. So I switched gears this year to something I really love... comics. I wasn't really sure what level of interest I would get in it, but I actually had to turn kids away because I had so many applicants. That's a nice sign. Anyway, I'm looking forward to teaching them how to crank out the comics. Look out, world...

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