Saturday, April 07, 2007


Hola! This sketch is another one for the CCN Sketch Challenge. It was fun to do some pencil rendering. I colorized it a bit in Photoshop after I used a woodless graphite pencil to draw it. That's right... woodless. I'm hardcore.

I'm working to get some more real content up for your eyeballs. By "content" I mean "stories." But first you'll have to make due with some more sketches. On the Rook City page I've posted just about all the sketches for that series that I have... some old, some new. I'll be putting some more up as I gear up to continue the "Convention Blues" story.

While you're waiting for that you'll be able to enjoy a brand new Last Martian story! This will be his longest tale by far and I'll post the first page on April 17. That's right... I'm giving you a date. Hold me to it.

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