Monday, May 14, 2007

Schoolhouse comics

The newest page is up. I'm pretty happy with it. Check it out. Maybe leave a comment.

Been very busy with comics lately... only a few of which are mine. Almost all my classes are finishing up their comic book projects. My 8th grade classes always make a comic story this time of the year. We make up the main character together, they make up story ideas and side characters, I put it all together in a script (that's the hard part), and then everyone draws a page of the story. I always try to do a page in each of them. And then there are always the kids that move away in the middle of the project and need their pages finished for them.

My high schoolers also do a comic. They each create a two page story with no dialogue or narration. The results are always varied, but this year I got some of the best results ever from some very talented kids. I'm trying to encourage them to make more comics on their own... showing them how we do ours.

And then there's my afterschool cartoonist club. They made their own little anthology and we're getting it printed up just like our books, color cover and everything. They're gonna freak out when they see the finished product. I hope.

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Rover MMXCIX said...

The Sandman says,
"Oh Yeah!!!! TLM vs. Rover forever! In a steel cage! or... um Martian landscape!"
Its awesome that he spends his free time sniping alien bugs.
And your commenter made me type hfndxufw to post this. Not sure what it is, but I'll bet it messes with my super powers.