Friday, June 06, 2008

DUEL #1 released!

Here's yet another new issue for your viewing pleasure... DUEL #1!

What is Duel about? Well, two young boys with overactive imaginations are hanging out and drawing one day. When one of them sketches the image of a mighty warrior...the challenge is on. Before long there is an all-out artist's duel raging to see who can create the toughest character. We are soon sucked into the world of their imagination, a world filled with tremendous battles between cybernetic cowboys, secret snake ninjas, huge gelatanous creatures, and much more! Who will emerge victorious? You can preview some of the pages HERE.

This book started out as a 24 Hour Comic (24 pages created in 24 hours) I tried to do at the end of last summer. I tried to come up with something fun and loose that would be a lot of fun to draw. I only got a few hours into it before I failed the 24 Hour challenge (should've remembered I was a new dad), but I liked the idea so much that I wanted to finish it. So here it is!

You can order it now from our Indy Planet store and have an actual print copy for yourself! But, just like Rook City #1, you can download the entire issue for FREE through WOWIO in electronic format. Remember, it's free to sign-up on WOWIO and a great way to support us.

By the way, Random Ink #1 is also now available for free download through WOWIO! For those of you who might now know, this was our first published book. It's an anthology that features some of the Rook City stories along with a wide variety of other tales about everything from blues musicians to martians to time travel. You can check out a PREVIEW, if you want.

This will be our last release for a little while (although several are in the pipeline right now), but it's nice to have three finished comics available. I hope you all at least download some copies, check them out, and let us know what you think!


Andrew Wales said...

Very, very, very impressive work! Glad to get this link via the spinner rack. We'll have to continue comparing notes on teaching art, comics, etc.

I'll be bookmarking this blog and am glad we "met".

Seth Wolfshorndl said...

Awesome, Andrew! Yeah, it's great to link up with another teacher.

We'll definitely have to keep in touch.