Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hurley Con and great expectations.

Last year's con was very good... this year should be even better! Elton, Dusty, Matt, and I will definitely be there. We'll have seven books to sell (four more than last year) and some other goodies. Our fellow Joplin sketcher Amber will be there, as well. More info on the convention can be found here at the Hurley's Heroes site. If you're anywhere near Joplin on March 7th, you should come. I mean, c'mon... it's free!

I usually don't like talking about stuff we're working on until it's actually done, but I wanted to let you all know that we're really on the verge of some exciting things here. We're about to release three new books in print (which include work from Dusty and Matt for the first time). Our website is about to get a drastic overhaul and streamlining. We're going to put much, much more content up for you to enjoy for free. I'm working on one submission for Zuda Comics right now, and Elton and I are already planning another one, too.

Stick around... 2009 is going to be pretty dang cool!


Bill Hook said...

Looking forward to the new stuff Seth!

I am tentatively planning on attending the Hurley Con this time around. I will be sure to stop by your table for a visit.

Best of luck with everything!

Seth Wolfshorndl said...

Dude, you should definitely come down.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Bill Hook said...

I wish I had a book ready so I could get a table. Oh well, maybe next year. Are you coming to KC for Planet Comicon?

Seth Wolfshorndl said...

Possibly. We'll have to decide if we can swing it pretty soon.

I hope we can, because we had a blast up there last year.