Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Moonfall Preview

These are some random panels from the nine-page story that I recently finished for the Moonfall graphic novel. It is being put together by members of the Kansas City Comic Creators Network. It is an anthology, but with one central theme... the end of the world. The moon is crashing to the earth and all life is about to end. What do people do in those final hours? That is what our individual stories explore.

My tale is about a man who is isolated from his family during the crisis and has to deal with his feelings of frustration and fear. It was pretty different from anything I've done before. Pretty serious stuff. The art was fun and challenging. I wanted it to have the look of scratchboard, but I also wanted to experiment with brush pens. So... every white area you see in the story was originally black ink and then inverted to white after I scanned it in. I'm really happy with how the look of it turned out. It was definitely what I was going for, and the feedback I have got from people about it so far has been encouraging.

Anyway, we'll keep you all updated on the status of the graphic novel and how you can get a hold of it when it comes out.

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