Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dean Rankine is groovy

Click for larger view!Check this out! One of my favorite comics artists right now is Dean Rankine. He is the Australian creator of the insanely quirky and enjoyable Holy Cow! Christian Comics (read 'em... you're guaranteed to smile). Well, we recently did a pin-up swap, where we drew each other's characters. Above is his great rendition of Ralph, Gregori, Esmerelda, and Dimitri. Man, it's dang fun seeing someone else's take on your characters! Thanks for doing this, Dean.

Below is my version of his Grossgirl and Boogerboy. This was a lot of fun to make... trying to adapt Dean's kooky characters into my style.

Click for a larger view!


Dean said...

No worries Seth. It was a blast! :)

Seth Wolfshorndl said...

Sometimes I wish I was Australian so I could say cool stuff like "No worries" or "Cheers."