Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Digital doodling

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the ranks of lucky artists who own a Wacom tablet (a device that lets you use a pen instead of a mouse to draw on your computer). I've been having a blast experimenting with it and trying to get a feel for how it works. Here are a few of my sketches I've done with it so far. These are all-digital, no paper or ink involved. (As always, click on an image for a bigger view).

And, of course, it's Tuesday... and that means another page of ROOK CITY!


Kendall Smith said...

Looks pretty good to me. In that seaside sketch the grass almost looks real, like it was a picture or something. I also liked the alien. Keep up the good work!

Seth Wolfshorndl said...

Thanks, bro!

Glad you liked it.