Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HurleyCon 2008

Elton and I had a great time at the inaugeral HurleyCon here in Joplin on Sunday. Turnout was really good... which is a great sign since this is the first real con in Joplin for many years. We were busy pretty much the whole time... selling books, talking to conventioners, doing sketches. A lot of my current and former students stopped by, which was great. (I had been spreading con propoganda to them all week.)

You'll probably notice some new books on the table there with me. There is Rook City #1, which collects the first several stories from that series. Also, we had Sketchings #1, which is a collection of some of my best sketches (most of which you have seen here). And then there is Duel #1, a brand new book I just finished, about two overly competive artistic kids. I will post more on all of these later, including ordering info. It was great to have multiple books to talk to people about this time. People really seemed to dig all of them.

That last picture is of Randy Rustin, a friend of mine who works at the local comic store. He is one of the fastest artists I know and a great guy.

Jason and Nathan Hurley (of Hurley's Heroes) put this all together, and they said that turnout was good enough that they'll probably do this again next year or maybe in 6 months. I'm hoping this con leads to the start of some sort of comics community here in Joplin. There are quite a few of us that love comics, and it'd be nice if we could get together and encourage each other to do more.
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