Thursday, March 27, 2008

SKETCHINGS #1...and another convention!

Here is the first of our three new books... SKETCHINGS will be a series of collections of some of our better sketches. Some of them probably shouldn't even be called sketches, as they are pretty developed pieces that took quite awhile. But there is also a lot of just quick, fun stuff in there.

This first issue only features my work, but future issues will display the talents of Dusty (and possibly others). Most of the sketches you have seen here on the blog (or on our sketches page), but there are some new ones in there as well. It mainly consists of realistic drawings of real people and looser images of various characters. Several people have asked me if I was going to put some of my extra drawings in print form... so here ya go. It's 32+ sketches all in one book. I hope you all enjoy it. You can order Sketchings #1 from the Indy Planet Store.

If you're in the Kansas City area, another way you can get Sketchings (along with all our other books) is to stop by and see us at Planet Comicon on April 5 and 6! We'll have a table there for the first time. It'll be great to hang out with a bunch of the KC creators that we interact with on message boards with all the time!

Two conventions in under a month... didn't see that coming. They sure are dang fun.

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Bill Hook said...

Hey Seth,

It was great to finally see you again. I am really impressed by the quality of your books. Can't wait to see more!

Talk to you soon,
Bill Hook