Monday, April 07, 2008

Planet Comicon 2008

These conventions are getting addictive! We had a dang good time up in Kansas City this weekend at Planet Comicon. That's Matt and Elton there behind me. Matt is a new member of Three Trees. He is busy working on his own anthology, which should be completed pretty soon. I think you all are going to love his work!

Anyway, we were able to sell a good amount of books again. I drew a bunch of sketches for people (they were free with any purchase)... everything from our characters to Superboy to fairies to Yoda. Drawing some for a bunch of little kids was the best!

My wife Laura went around and got a ton of great pictures for us. I think she enjoyed her first con.

One of the highlights of the con for all of us was getting to meet other creators. I was able to talk to Eric Powell (The Goon) and discuss exciting things like scanning artwork. There were several KC area creators there that I've corresponded with online and just now got to meet, including Bill Hook, Lee Leslie, Kevin Gritzke, Hector Casanova, Kyle Strahm, and P.R. Sholtz. It was great swapping books with them and seeing what they are up to.

There was also a fellow teacher there, Chris Wilson, who is exploring ways to incorporate comics in the school classroom. He runs a blog on that subject, and he's from Springfield so we'll definitely be keeping in touch. He was very interested in the different ways that I've had my student make comics.

ROOK CITY #1... approved by the Empire!

Kenny Baker AKA R2-D2!

Adam Rebottaro and his girlfriend, Courtney, who had a table next to us. Adam was doing some awesome sketching for people.
Unfortunately, Courtney was later killed by Darth Vader...
Jimmy and Kelli Jarmin, who will be running the Defcon 7 convention in Tulsa. It looks like we'll probably be going to this one, too.

I went to college with Amber Stone. She had some great sketches for sale and is preparing to launch a new webcomic soon that looks very cool.

That about does it. Can't wait for the next con!

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Elton said...

I had a lot of fun and I love the pictures, hopefully we can get more like this at future conventions