Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back in town...

Well, I've been out of town for a good chunk of July. First a trip to see family in California and then a week-long art teacher workshop in Kansas City. Both were lots of fun, but I'm feeling a bit out of the loop artistically now. Ah well, I'm sure some drawin' will cure that. Above is a sketch I did while in KC, from photo-reference. I'm feeling more and more comfortable with brush pens now.

This is Scott Morse's Magic Pickle, from a graphic novel I just got. It's a great, fun read! Superheroic produce... ya gotta love it. This was really quick and easy to draw.

One of the comics I'm picking up every month right now is the Perhapanauts, by Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau. It's about a group of paranormal adventurers that include a bigfoot, a ghost, a psychic, a mothman, an interdimensional guy, and THIS guy... Choopie (the chupacabra). It reads like a really light hearted Hellboy.

And here are a couple more drawings from our last sketch night. This one was penciled by Amber and inked by Matt. Inspired by our resident dachshund, of course.
And this one was penciled by Amber and inked by me. Hopefully we can do a bunch more of these on Tuesday when we have our second Joplin sketch night!

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