Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sketch Night Numero Dos

Well, the second Joplin sketch night is in the book. We had a couple less this time due to scheduling issues, but we still managed to crank out a lot cool artwork. As usual, it all gets swapped around with different people inking and coloring each others' work, and at the end of the night it all gets divvied up. Here's the stuff I ended up with...

The first one up there was penciled by Randy and painted/inked by Amber, I believe.

This one was penciled by Matt and inked by me. It is the main character from Matt's upcoming book. This was fun to ink, because Matt and I share a love of bold lines.

The zombie was penciled by me and painted/inked by Randy. It turned out like a zombified Rebuker (accidentally, I think).

The rest of these were penciled by Randy and inked by me. Randy puts us all to shame on these sketch nights. While the rest of us finish a half-dozen drawings or so, Randy ends up with a inch-thick PILE of drawings by the end of the night! His pencils are extremely loose and fun to ink over with brush pens.

That last one I actually finished the day after. I seem to have indoctrinated my daughter with my love of Spider-Man. She watched part of the movies with me this summer and really liked it when he was swinging around. Anyway, all day today she was carrying this sketch around like a cherished toy.

Now if only I can make her a 49ers fan...

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