Monday, February 06, 2006

The Coming of Dusty

Some of you have noticed already that we have added twelve new drawings to our SKETCH page from a new creator, our good buddy Dusty Roberts. Well, he's not really new, just new to the site.

Dusty, Elton, and I all went to high school together back in Montana. We made mini-comics together back then, some of which you may be unfortunate enough to see someday. Dusty and I were both art majors at good ol' Missouri Southern State University here in Joplin. Eventually, Elton came down, too.

So now, we're all making comics together again. Dusty is working on some new stuff... a pin-up for the reprinted Random Ink #1 and hopefully a story for #2. He's got some really cool ideas percolating. Some of these sketches are from back in high school and some are much more recent. The one above shows one of his Pixie Pirates, a great idea that I can't wait to see in story form. I think you'll all agree that this guy has way too much talent and creativity for his own good...

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