Friday, February 10, 2006

This Means War

This should be fun...

Some of you may have heard of 24 Hour Comics. Basically, it's an artistic marathon where one artist tries to complete 24 pages of comics in that many hours. I really want to try that sometime... maybe in summer when sleep is not as precious.

Anyway, the people at 24 HOUR COMICS DAY are organizing another national event. Basically, it is a shorter version of the 24 hour thing... this time the goal is 8 pages in 12 hours. And you can work in teams! It's called COMICS JAM WAR. The trick is that everything has to be done at a comic shop who agrees to host it. The winners get some cash and their story printed in an anthology of the event. I'm really jazzed about this! A chance to get together with other creators, make comix, promote a local store, maybe get new readers...

We've already got the Vintage Stock down here in Joplin to agree to do it. They are pretty excited about it. So you know where we'll be on April 1st.

Anyone else interested?

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Comics Jam War central said...

Just a note that we have not been contacted by Vintage Stock in regards to hosting an event. There is a registration and a fee involved. Details at